Nastya Kusakina after Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012


Bad Horse is the best part of Doctor Horrible because there’s nothing clever or smart about his character. He’s just an evil horse named Bad Horse. All he actually does is just stand there and they never bother to come up with an explanation for how he can be threatening or even communicate, because they don’t need to. There’s nothing to do but accept it at face value. He’s a bad horse

Prologue To History
Artist: Manic Street Preachers
Album: Lipstick Traces - A Secret History Of
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this damn song

i am still incandescent with rage that they put goddamn motherfucking SYMM on the album (as the last track, even! when nobody loved you would have been a PERFECT album closer!) and left this literal heartbreaking work of staggering genius to languish as a b-side, literally nicky wire what is wrong with you you’re trash i love you so much you are my favourite forever

call me medusa
for my monstrosity is not
mine to bear,
but yours to fear.


Being an MCR fan is all fun and games until you have to tell someone in real life that your favorite band is My Chemical Romance

Artist: Simon & Garfunkel
Album: Bridge Over Troubled Water
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cecilia // simon & garfunkel

celia, you’re breaking my heart
you’re shaking my confidence daily
oh, cecilia, i’m down on my knees
i’m begging you please to come home

Jack Kerouac at Staten Island Ferry wharf, we used to wander night time docksides under Manhattan’s bridges & through truck parkinglots along East River singing rawbone blues, Leadbelly’s “Black Girl”, “Eli, Eli”, chanting Poe’s “Annabelle Lee” & shouting Hart Crane’s “O harp and altar of the fury fused”… and “Atlantis” to Brooklyn Bridge’s traffic spanned above.  Time of his Doctor Sax and The SubterraneansNew York Fall 1953. 


Our favorite variation of bow pose, sanksrit name urdhva dhanurasana.

18, 19 

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